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FACE Capital Campaign and Merger with IndyFeral

FACE / IndyFeral Merger Press Release (a Word document)

April 1, 2012

Last year, the FACE Spay/Neuter Clinic launched the Neighborhood Cat Program in conjunction with IndyFeral to target spay/neuter to neighborhood (stray and feral) cats. By the end of 2011, this collaboration had netted more than 800 neuters of these outdoor, neighborhood cats.

FACE Building The two organizations have also worked together with Animal Control to support Feral Freedom, a program to reduce the number of cats euthanized in the city shelter by removing the neighborhood cats that have a proven caretaker and returning them, after surgery and vaccinations, to their outdoor homes. Without this collaborative effort, most if not all of these cats would have been killed.

As we continued to work together, it became clear that our organizational approach to overpopulation and animal welfare in Indianapolis matched: our missions are the same. FACE and IndyFeral are like minded organizations committed to ending euthanasia through accessible and affordable spay neuter. It didn’t take long for us to see the opportunity that a merging of these two organizations would offer. Together we will be able to do more than either of us can do separately.

IndyFeral FACE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic and IndyFeral are proud to announce they are joining forces, and IndyFeral will become a program of the FACE Spay/Neuter Clinic. This merger will create seamless services for our city, and create a “first of its kind clinic” for spay/neuter of house, stray and feral cats as well as dogs and medical care for cats and dogs.

The FACE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic opened in 1999 and is still Indianapolis’s only high-volume, low-cost facility. After thirteen years of spay/neuter surgeries performed by the FACE Clinic, euthanasia at Indianapolis shelters have dropped from 22,000 to just over 8,000. The FACE Spay/Neuter Clinic has performed more than 145,000 spay/neuter surgeries and is nationally recognized for its success.

Without FACE, Indianapolis would be killing between 24,000 and 30,000 cats and dogs annually.

feral kitten IndyFeral was founded in 2002 with the mission of reducing the neighborhood cat overpopulation through the non-lethal method of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). IndyFeral has worked to neuter 3,000 cats annually at their clinic, and passed the TNR ordinance with the city in 2005 allowing Indianapolis residents to care for neighborhood cats.

Between their TNR program and Feral Freedom, euthanasia dropped by 47 percent for neighborhood cats in the city shelter.

Neighborhood cats represent the greatest source of cat overpopulation and produce 80 percent of the kittens flooding the shelters every spring and summer. Left to their own devices, these cats are trapped in an endless cycle of breeding and scavenging for food. Feral cats are often targets of abuse, neglect and cruelty.

Feral KittensThe neighborhood cat population must be addressed aggressively in the form of increased spay neuter capacity, medical resources and funding or they will continue to be a significant source of shelter intake and suffering on the streets.

As such, FACE will soon be launching a Capital Campaign for the expansion of the clinic so that we can increase spay neuter and medical capacity demands needed for the city. This will include a wing dedicated for housing neighborhood cats in traps awaiting surgery and being monitored postoperatively. There will be an isolation area for cats suffering from airborne illness so often seen with shelter and neighborhood cats, and a long-term recovery area for medical treatment.

IndyFeral Sign Making IndyFeral a program of FACE allows IndyFeral to focus on their expertise of TNR, colony management and outreach while FACE oversees surgery and medical care.

The FACE Spay/Neuter Clinic’s acquisition of IndyFeral and our building expansion will change the face of animal welfare in Indianapolis. The clinic expansion is necessary to make this dream a reality. You can be a part of that dream by giving generously to our fund drive. Indeed, we will once again, set a new standard for other clinics in other cities to follow.

We hope you share our vision and enthusiasm. There is much hard work ahead, but nothing good is accomplished without some hard work. As long time donors of both FACE and IndyFeral, we wanted to communicate with you directly. We will continue to do so as this new venture moves forward. We thank you for your continued support and for helping us make a positive difference in the lives so many animals in need.


Ellen Robinson, Executive Director, FACE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic

Lisa Tudor, Executive Director, IndyFeral

July 2012 Update: FACE/IndyFeral Transport Van!

Our new van is a major piece of our community outreach efforts that will allow us to help so many pet owners who have no means of transportation. It will also be used for mass trapping projects for neighborhood cats and for education and outreach events!

Transport Van The FACE Spay Neuter clinic is committed to providing accessible and affordable spay neuter resources, in addition to educating and empowering people to care for their pets. There is a large underserved segment of our community that has no connection to any animal welfare groups or veterinarians. FACE and IndyFeral are going to close this "gap" by extending targeted spay/neuter, medical, education and transportation resources beyond the walls of our clinic and into the neighborhoods of greatest need. Our targeted programs will focus on the animals at the greatest risk of being put down in the shelter or abandoned on the street. We will accomplish this through door to door community outreach, partnering with other animal welfare groups, community centers and working with our City government. Without this commitment to aggressive outreach programs, increased funding and resources, this segment of the animal population will continue to be a significant source of shelter intake or left to suffer on the street.

Special thanks go to Rob Day for the beautiful design of our new van! Keep an eye out for us on the town!

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