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The FACE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic is not a shelter and we do not actively take in animals from the general public. The cats and dogs at our clinic came to us via team members or other rescue situations in which the animal was at risk. They will live here temporarily until we can find them good homes. While we have done what we can to make their lives here comfortable like incorporating a free-roaming cat room with vertical space and adding an outdoor enclosure for the dogs, they do not have the space that they need for their long-term well being. These cats and dogs are in need of homes in which they have room to live, socialize with humans and other cat/dog companions and let their individuality shine. They are here because there are simply too many dogs and cats and not enough homes, which is why spay/neuter of every pet is so important. Some of the dogs and cats are listed below and more are listed on Petfinder.com.

Adopting a Cat:

We have many cats and kittens looking for homes. Some are in our free-roaming cat/kitten room and some are in foster homes. If you would like to adopt a cat or kitten from us you must complete a Cat Adoption Application (Microsoft Word document) first. This application does not bind you into adopting. It is simply preliminary paperwork to ensure we make a good match. You may bring the application during our open cat adoption hours (Tuesday-Friday 10am-5:30pm) or email it to janetm@facespayneuter.org. Same day adoptions ARE possible but it would be best if you coordinated that with our adoption coordinator, Janet Mellinger, janetm@facespayneuter.org, or 317-638-2986.
Our adoption donations are as follows:
Adult cats over 1 year: $30
Kittens under 1 year: $45
This helps defray the costs of the services we have provided each cat or kitten: the spay/neuter, full package of vaccines, a Feline Leukemia/FIV test, and a microchip. Additional donations are sincerely appreciated.

Adopting a Dog:

We DO NOT have open adoption hours for dog adoptions. If you are interested in adopting a dog from us you must complete an Dog Adoption Application (Microsoft Word document) first. This application does not bind you into adopting. It is simply preliminary paperwork to ensure we make a good match. You may take your application to the clinic or you may email it to janetm@facespayneuter.org. Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by our adoption committee. Once approved, someone from the committee will contact you within 48 hours of submission to set up a "meet and greet" with the dog. If you decide you would like to pursue the adoption, we will then set up a home visit. This is an opportunity for us to meet your family, give you suggestions, and answer any additional questions you might have. After the home visit we would then set up a time for you to come back to the clinic, complete the adoption, and take your new dog home! Our adoption donations for dogs are $100. This helps defray the costs of the services we have provided each dog: the spay/neuter, full package of vaccines, a heartworm test, and a microchip. Additional donations are sincerely appreciated.



Jemma showed up one day in the parking lot at FACE. We're still not sure if someone dumped her or if she was just smart enough to find us! She was very hungry and pretty lethargic but a little love and lots of treats and she is all better! She is still pretty young and enjoys playing with the younger, more active cats. She is an all around sweet and loving kitty.



“I am so lucky that an IMPD officer found me and brought me to FACE. I am a sweet, affectionate young lady who has grown to LOVE human attention. One of my most favorite things to do is find another one of my kitty friends and snuggle up and take a nap. I'd do great in a home with other kitties. I'm just a laid-back, easy going gal!"



Moxie may be a little bit shy at first, but pet her long enough and she'll be yours forever! All this girl needs is a little love from a special someone, and you'll start to see her true personality blossom. If you're looking for a lady who will stick by you through thick and thin if you just show her what love means, Moxie is your girl; and don't worry, she'll be more than happy to return the favor!



Anna came to FACE from Animal Care and Control. She was ill and at risk for euthanasia so FACE nurtured her back to health and she is now ready for her second chance at life. She is only 2 years old and is very spunky - chasing her kitty friends from room to room. She loves the laser pointer and getting a drink from the faucet but her favorite activity is watching the birds outside the window. Anna would love to be your cuddle buddy.



Hello, my name is Dot. I am a white and brindle pit bull with a lot to offer to my new guardian. I’m one of the smartest girls you'll ever meet, and I am getting smarter every day. I also have a lot of energy, so I would prefer a home with a backyard where I can run and I would love to have a guardian who would take me for walks. I am not always friendly with other dogs, but I do get along great with cats, even when they chase my tail. So, while I would definitely need to be in a single dog home, I would do well in a home with a feline companion. (You should check out my favorite feline friend at the clinic, Jack!) You'll also be happy to know that I am completely house trained, so I would never make messes in my new home! So stop by and meet me some time if I sound like the right girl for you.



Meelah came to us in October 2012 by way of a cardboard box left outside the clinic. We immediately had her spayed, vaccinated, and tested and she was cleared to go into our adoptable cat room. Unfortunately, she wasn't cut out to be in our free-roaming room with 50 other cats. So we moved her upstairs to our business office with another one of our adoptable cats, Morel. They seem to get along perfectly and love receiving visitors! Although Morel and Meelah are both FIV positive, they can live long healthy lives. It is an immune deficiency disorder which means if they do get sick, it takes a little longer to fight it off. FIV is transferrable only through sexual activity and deep bite wounds—highly unlikely among spayed/neutered and domesticated cats. They would be fine to be adopted into a home with other cats. Martha and Morel love to be lapcats, they can hold a conversation, are great purrers and love treats! They would prefer a home with no dogs. They would make wonderful companions to any lucky family! It would be wonderful to find Meelah and Morel a home together, but it is not required.



This lovely lady used to be pretty shy, but has decided that humans offer great petting opportunities. Sugar is a mommy-cat (that will mean something to the experienced cat person), and would be fine to join a home with an existing cat. She likes her quiet time and would very likely want to be your lap and bedtime companion.



Hi, my name is Mandy. I am just about the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. I am a shepherd/lab mix who is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. I have lived at the clinic for a long time, and while I love everyone here, I am ready for a family to call my own. I would make a great family-dog, although I would need to be the only animal in my new home. I'll make up for it with all the love I will give you! I love to roll over and get a good belly rub. I do enjoy my time outdoors, so a home with a yard for me to run in would be ideal. But most importantly, I would love a family who would give me lots of attention and petting. I am always up for visitors so please stop by to say hello!



Ok, don't expect Farley to run a kitty-marathon anytime soon. He is proud of his size and really, it only adds to his laissez-faire attitude about life.

BUT – Farley is a hero. Someone brought a kitten to FACE that was dying from flea-anemia. Farley stepped up and very generously donated blood to save the kitten. You want to adopt a hero-kitty…….here you are!



Hi, my name is Charlie. I love all people and will follow you around once you pet me.

Note: Charlie tested positive for the feline leukemia virus, which is a highly contagious viral disease. The virus can be transmitted to other cats through sharing food dishes, water bowls and litter boxes. However, depending on how the virus progresses, he could live many years. But since the disease is contagious, a home without other cats or a home with only other feline leukemia positive cats would be best.

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