Leading the Fight
Against Pet Overpopulation

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Consider adopting your next cat or dog.

Community Outreach

The FACE Spay Neuter clinic is committed to providing accessible and affordable spay neuter resources, in addition to educating and empowering people to care for their pets. There is a large underserved segment of our community that has no connection to any animal welfare groups or veterinarians.

The FACE clinic seeks to close this “gap” by extending targeted spay/neuter, medical, education and transportation resources beyond the walls of our clinic and into the neighborhoods of greatest need. Our targeted programs will focus on the animals at the greatest risk of being put down in the shelter or abandoned on the street. We will accomplish this through door to door community outreach, partnering with other animal welfare groups, community centers and working with our City government. Without this commitment to aggressive outreach programs, increased funding and resources, this segment of the animal population will continue to be a significant source of shelter intake or left to suffer on the street.

Targeted Programs

Neighborhood Cat Program

Neighborhood Cats, stray and feral cats, are the greatest source of cat overpopulation. They produce 80% of the cats and kittens that flood the City shelter every Spring and Summer.

IndyFeral To combat the number of cats entering Indianapolis shelters, and reduce the number killed there, FACE introduced the Neighborhood Cat Package under the Neighborhood Cat Progam.

FACE’s Neighborhood Cat Program (NCP) is designed to help the people who care for and feed outside cats in Marion County neighborhoods care for these cats.

The Neighborhood Cat Package at FACE provides spay/neuter for outdoor, stray and feral cats to prevent those litters of kittens born on the streets.

Momma and Kitten According to Indianapolis City Ordinance, if you feed outdoor cats in Marion County, they must be fixed, vaccinated, eartipped and registered with IndyFeral. Thankfully, the Neighborhood Cat Program will take care of that for you.

For $20, the FACE Neighborhood Cat Package provides spay/neuter, vaccinations, eartip and flea/tick control for outdoor cats in Marion County. If you live in zip codes 46201, 46203, 46221, 46241 or 46227 the Neighborhood Cat Package package is available at no cost to you.

Petsmart Through a generous grant from Petsmart Charities, if you live in one of the above mentioned zip codes, FACE will waive the spay/neuter fee for indoor pet cats as well.

Thanks to Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana for supporting the Neighborhood Cat Program.

Feral Freedom Program

IACCThe Feral Freedom program is a partnership between Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) and IndyFeral. The goal of the program is to reduce euthanasia for feral cats that are trapped and brought to the city shelter. Since feral cats are not socialized to people they are not adoption candidates nor appropriate to live indoors. As such their only outcome is euthanasia.

Cat in Trap Under Feral Freedom, qualifying feral cats will be matched to a managed colony in their neighborhood and returned to their outdoor home. All cats are neutered, vaccinated and eartipped for identification. Neutering the cats greatly reduces the nuisance/mating behaviors associated with unaltered cats. TNR education and enrollment is also offered to citizens who are trapping and taking cats to IACC as a non-lethal alternative to the trapping and killing of the cats.

Fix-A-Bull Program

Did you know that Indianapolis shelters are made up of more than 50% Pit-Bull or Pit-Bull mix dogs? Of those more than 80% are killed. Many shelters will not even give Pit-Bull a chance to find a home; they are automatically killed. Even with the negative perception of Pit-Bulls, they remain one of the most popular breeds in the country.

Bingo Often though, Pit-Bulls are popular for their mystique rather than companionship, so they are often living in the wrong environment. As a result many Pit-Bulls and Pit-Bull mix dogs find themselves in shelters, homeless, unwanted, abused, and/or victims of breed specific restrictions. Many suffer at the hands of people who engage in illegal dog fighting. Josie is a perfect example of a Pit-Bull who nearly died because of the culture that surrounds these dogs. Read Josie’s story.

Indy Pit Crew
Find additional Pit-Bull information and resources at Indy Pit Crew.

Lend a Hand / Help a Paw Program

This program offers pet food and supplies such as leashes, collars, cat carriers, cat litter, etc. to help families who are in need continue to care for their dogs and cats in their homes. FACE is currently accepting donations for these items during our regularly scheduled hours. Thank you for supporting this program.

Pet Supplies Plus Indianapolis area stores are accepting unopened cat food, cat litter, and other pet supplies to benefit IndyFeral, a program of FACE.
Pet Supplies Plus