Leading the Fight
Against Pet Overpopulation

Tracy Sugar Dot

Consider adopting your next cat or dog.


There are a number of ways to help, either with community events or helping with ongoing activities at the clinic. The first step is to create a volunteer profile. Once you are approved, you can register for events and activities. See a current list of community events and ongoing opportunities.

Play with Dogs and Cats

While FACE is NOT an animal shelter and does not actively take in animals from the public, we have acquired several cats and a few dogs that have come to us via team members or other rescue situations in which the animal was at risk. These animals will temporarily stay at FACE until we can find them their forever homes. While they wait, it is important they become well socialized to increase their chances of adoption. Volunteering in our cat room is always appreciated and can be done just about any day and anytime. This includes socializing and helping to keep their rooms clean. Volunteers interested in socializing our dogs must be 21 or over and have some experience.

Weekend Greeters

Greeter are needed Friday 2pm-5:15pm, Saturday 10am-2pm and Sunday 11am-3pm. Weekend greeters welcome clients, offer directions for check-in and check-out, keep the lobby and outside area clean, answer questions (after training) about wellness care and spay/neuter services.

Walking Dogs

Cage/Kennel Cleaning

We LOVE cage cleaners. Every evening at check-out, all cages and kennels have to be cleaned for the next day’s patients. This is a way to be a super volunteer with a one or two-hour weekly commitment. This opportunity is available Monday through Thursday from 5pm to 7pm.

Walking Dogs

Give our dogs some exercise and get some yourself. The hours for dog walking are between 10am and 2pm during the week and on weekends. Contact Anne Dubin at 317-638-3223 ext 200 for information.

Office Assistance/Upkeep

Help out our team by making rabies tags, preparing Elizabethan collars, popping syringes and filing patient records. By performing these tasks we are able to keep up on things we use everyday which saves us time and allows our clinic to operate smoothly. This opportunity is available every day of the week during open hours.

Fostering a Dog or Cat

Leo's Story Being a foster parent requires a significant commitment to volunteering. Animals under 8 weeks of age, mothers who are nursing or an animal recovering from illness or injury are eligible to be placed into a foster home until they are well enough to be placed up for adoption. Incentives for foster parents include: All supplies needed to care for foster animal, up to three of your owned pets' vaccinations updated free of charge, and the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference and changed a life. To become a Foster, you will need to submit a foster application. Foster parents must be 21 years or older. Contact janetm@facespayneuter.org for more information.

See Leo's Story, a short video on YouTube about a feral kitten whose life was saved thanks to kind people and organizations like IndyFeral, now a program of FACE.

Outreach Committee

Help the FACE team promote our services and encourage spay/neuter and adoption. This would include going out into target neighborhoods and handing out flyers, attending community outreach days, and helping us at adoption events. The majority of volunteering would take place out in the community. The ideal candidate would have great communication skills and enjoy working with the public. A general knowledge of the importance of spay/neuter and FACE’s philosophy is preferred; however, we are happy to educate you too!

Please Note: The age requirement to volunteer in the clinic is 13+. Volunteers between the ages of 13-15 must have a parent/guardian present at all times. If you have a child under 13 who wants to help FACE please contact janetm@facespayneuter.org for a list of ways to help outside the clinic.

For more information about volunteering, please contact Janet Mellinger at janetm@facespayneuter.org.